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When having a water loss it is important to extract the water quickly, otherwise the water will migrate into other rooms and up the walls. If your sub floor is wood, the damp pad could make your sub floor warp, (wafer board or ply wood) or swell, (partical boards or MDF baseboards) , so it is best to take out the pad. On basement cement sub floors we use a water claw to extract the water and save the pad. After extracting all the water we will bring in dry equipment.
To see a video of how the water claw works click here, then watch the Flood Extractor video.
Or watch our YouTube video and see us using a water claw. 


When having a water loss, the first thing I will bring into your home is a moisture detector, so I can tell you what is wet and what is not. Then we can talk about the most effective way to dry out your home. We will bring in sliders to put under all of your furniture to protect it from being damaged by moisture. We will then extract all the water out of your home, before bringing in dry equipment. This is a MMS+ Restoration Kit. To see a Protimeter Product Overview video, click here.

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commercial carpet cleaning

The first thing your customer or client sees when entering your building gives them the impression on how you conduct business.

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 We put corner gaurds and towels to protect your home.
 We set up air movers to start the drying process.
 Here I am running two 2 inch vacuum lines to create more cfm's, so it will leave less moisture in your carpet and therefore it will dry faster.

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Here we were carpet cleaning in Alpine, Utah. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. I have been cleaning carpets since 1986 and I have my own Carpet Cleaning business here in Alpine Utah for 21 years. I have a box truck full carpet cleaning equipment to make sure that your carpet is being cleaned properly and to your satisfaction.  So this is not my first time around the block and when you call me you will get my wife and I because we work as a husband and wife team and we will be the ones that come out to your home to clean your carpets. We will do a great job for you.
Give us a call at 801-756-2275

It helps to set up an air mover in the room after cleaning,
so it can start drying.

Here you can see me using an RX20, It is like 5 wands that spin, spray and vacuum all the soil in your carpet. It is like a clothes washing machine, it just goes over and over it until it is clean. Then I go over it again with a carpet cleaning wand to make sure your carpet is cleaned the very best. If you live in Alpine, Utah, I also live in this town so I can leave a few fans to make sure that your carpets dry fast. When I am done carpet cleaning. Then I will pick them up the next morning before I go to my first carpet cleaning job.  This way I can make sure you are very happy with my job because I will be there the next day, when it is dry and we can see what it looks like. Your Satisfaction is really important to me and I will make sure you are very happy.


Here we were cleaning an apartment on the 3rd floor in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We had to hook the hose onto the railing to drop it down to the ground floor to get to the truck.

Can you see the difference?


Click here to check out our carpet cleaning process. What do you think?

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This is a picture of our trailer pressure washer cleaning the store front of a tire store.

Mountainville Academy, Flood Cleanup

Here is a trailered heating unit bringing hot air into the building to make it dry faster.

Took off the baseboards, cut the walls 4 inches high to dry the walls. There is a junction box in the middle of the hall that is bringing in electricity from the generators, so we can run the fans.


Here we are drying the walls, carpet and pad.
Here we had to take out a section of the wall so we can get more air movement in the wall.
Here is a dehumidifier to take the moisture out of the air and into the sink.

Cleaning in a snow storm

Here we are cleaning carpets in a snow storm. 

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