Monday, June 17, 2013


Name: Michelle Eliason
How did you hear about us?: Google.
Question / Message: We were so impressed with Alpine Professional Carpet Care.  The customer service was prompt and efficient.  We had our call answered personally, by the owner , Jeff Tobian, without going through a voice message machine or receptionist.  Jeff was very knowledgeable and had many years of experience, which carried through in the work that was done with the carpets in the home.  He was the one who met us and took care of the cleaning. It was done in a very professional manner. We would highly recommend him to all of our associates and friends.

 If you live in Utah County, give a call, we will do a great job for you. On the top of this page, is an email from a customer that we cleaned for today.
 When my son comes with me, he is a lot of help. The first thing he does, is to bring in the corner guards and towels to protect your home, when setting up to clean your carpets. He rakes the room after I am done cleaning it. He helps me keep hoses away from the walls. He also checks for spots in the carpet that I might have missed. He helps  move the furniture, pick up items off the floor, put plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks under the furniture, and he knows where everything in the truck is, if I need something.
 Putting an airmover in a room after it has been cleaned is always a good idea.
 My son is a lot of help when packing up. Here he is rolling up all the hoses.

Speaking of my son, this is what he gave me for Father's Day. Thanks, C.J.! You are great!

Thursday, June 13, 2013


We were carpet cleaning a commercial job in Lehi, Utah at 
Aces Athletics. This is a great place, if you want to join a gym and play volleyball. They have 6 indoor volleyball courts and sand courts outside. They also have more, check them out. They have a friendly staff.


We had a job pressure washing a store front in Salt Lake County. We got there at 2:00 A.M. because we had to clean before it got busy in the morning. 

 This is a 24 foot extension wand. 
It works great for cleaning in high places. 
This is my son, C.J., he likes to help out.

Here, I am blowing the gum off the cement and cleaning the 
skid marks from the fork lift.

This is my 24 inch spinner tool. It helps a lot to have a heated unit.

Take a look at this video. 

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