Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Carpet cleaning in Utah County , Protecting the home

Protecting the home when we are carpet cleaning in Utah County, we make sure to use lawn pic's to keep out hoses on the side walks and not in the planters, we also cover the floor that we are not cleaning  and use Huggers and corners guards to protect the walls and when we are done carpet cleaning a room we put a fan in the room to help the drying process. Using a seal-a-door to keep it warm inside the home so they are not heating the outside, we will do everything to protect your home when we are carpet cleaning, because it is just the little thing we do that are going to make a difference when we are cleaning your home

Water damage service in American Fork Utah 801-756-2275

Water damage service in American Fork Utah.   When someone is in trouble we are not slow!!  When we get the call it is hip hip and away we go.  The walls were wet a foot high the first day and in some places they were wet 2 feet high. When we got there the RH was 80 percent and all the carpet was wet.  We got all the carpet, pad and the walls dry in two days.  We got this place up to 86 degrees and that really helped this place dry fast. We did not have to pull any walls or baseboards.   On the 2nd day the only thing that was wet is the walls in this hall and we got the RH down to under 30 percent, It took one day to dry this hall and then we were done . We dried this place fast in only two days                              

Monday, February 6, 2017

How to get a large blood spot out of your carpet

How to get out a large blood spot out of the carpet.    First we flush the carpet with protein spotter and a Water Claw, then we spray down some hydrogen peroxide to kill any living matter, then we steam clean the carpet with our powerful truckmount and our carpet cleaning wand. After we are done and it looks great we set up airmovers to dry.  The water claw can retrieve the water right through the carpet into the pad and flush out the pad but on this carpet it is glue down carpet and there is no pad but it still does a good job in flushing the carpet out

Tile and grout cleaning service in Utah County

Tile and grout cleaning service in Utah County, It is really important after you presprayed the tile to scrub the floor to loosen up all the dirt in the tile and the grout. Then after is is all loosen up to rinse it with our spinner tool , It steams the tile and rinses out all the dirt on the floor. 
We also make sure to clean all the edges of the tile and grout with this hand tool.
When we are done cleaning the tile and grout , we set up a few airmovers to get the tile dry to see what it looks like when it is dry, then we go around to check the tile and grout to see if there is any thing that we might missed

How to get the little balls of fabric off my upholstery

Using a fabric shaver to get the little balls of fabric off the upholstery.  The fabric felt it is common that where the cushions rug together it makes these little balls of fabric and using a fabric shaver makes it easy to make these little balls go away   Here you can see all the little ball of fabric , just like a face shaver.  You can pick up this fabric shaver at amazon for about 25 dollars

How to get mud out of your carpet

How to get mud out of the carpet, The best thing you can do it just wait until it dries and it should all vacuum up . If you take a rag and wipe it up you might grind the dirt into the face fibers and then it will be hard to get out then. Dirt is not water soluble so it does not come out with water very easy.  That is why when you are getting your carpets cleaned , it is very important to prevacuum 

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