Sunday, November 3, 2013


This is demonstrating the power of a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine.
Vacuuming regularly will help the health of your carpet and leave the carpet cleaning up to us.
 I always pre treat the carpet and work on any spots that are needed.
 Sometimes after pre treating the carpet some agitation helps loosen up the soil in your carpet. 
 We will make your carpet healthy and clean once again.


If you live in Utah County, give us a call, we will make sure that your carpet is being cleaned right.
If you have dog(s) or cat(s) in your home and there is a lot of animal hair in the carpet, the hair weaves in and out of the carpet fibers. Using a pile lifter is a good way to get the animal hair out of the carpet. We would do this before carpet cleaning. 
According to IICRC standards, pre vacuuming the carpet before you start carpet cleaning is important because you need to get all the dry soil out of the carpet before get the carpet wet so you don't make mud.


It is important to pre spray the carpet to suspend the dirt and break apart the oily substance into a liquid form, so when you wash the carpet, it will make it easier to rinse away.

After you have pre sprayed the traffic areas in your home brushing in the pre spray with a carpet cleaning brush will add some agitation to break apart the soil from the carpet fibers.


If you live in Utah County, we will do a great job in getting your carpets cleaned. We have all the knowledge and equipment to make sure your carpet is thoroughly clean.

It is important to rake the carpet after it has been cleaned so all the fibers will stand upright, that way when I turn on my carpet drying fans the carpet will dry much faster.
According to IICRC standards you always rake the carpet after it has been carpet cleaned.

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