Sunday, May 28, 2017

Carpet cleaning service in Provo Utah 801-756-2275

In Provo Utah there is a lot of people moving in and out of places because it is a college town. The person moving out should leave the place the same as when they moved into the place. So if the carpets were cleaned when they moved in , they should be clean when the move out of the place they were renting. At Alpine Professional Carpet Care , we have a very large truckmount to make sure the carpet is very clean and to make sure it dries fast and we are able to fix little thing in the carpet as needed so the place for rent will be ready for the new people to move in . We also do not mind if we have to move a few things to make sure to clean all the carpets and not just the path ways or traffic lanes. We have sliders to move the furniture around and plastic tabs and styrofoam blocks to put under the furniture so it will not leave rust and wood stains on the carpet .   It is always best if the house cleaning service comes first and then we clean the carpet after, this way when the dust everything and it lands on the carpet we make sure to clean it up and there is no foot prints on the carpet when the new people move into the place. . If you live out of state we can take before and after pictures for you and you can pay us with a credit card over the phone.

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